Shape studies
Well, I didn't really study.
Psycho Piano Man
Check my reel from 2017.
Wood veins
On wood paste.
In my free times go out looking for other planets because I can’t find any online intergalactic real-estate.
Vivero Mario
This is my homage to my favourite plants shop in Buenos Aires.
Later, my friends at Six N. Five went crazy on these, leading to a beautiful creative snowball that ended up here.
Omen & Debris
A collection of lines and dots without an apparent foundation. 
This series was part of the exhibition at Club de Amigos Costa Rica (2016).
Bookbinding workshop.
Some animal studies
Never trust a cat.
Styleframe graveyard
De qué cuadro sos?
Not everything needs to make sense
Here's a proof.
Visuals for TMDG 2015
I did the visuals for Djs Pareja’s set at Trimarchi 2015
I didn’t want to design or animate so I started playing with a camera, lights, reflections and refractions. 
Here’s a short edit with some of the clips I generated.
Keep moovin'
These can be harmful.
I had the pleasure of participating on Hernán Paganini's workshop "Viaje en barco".
These are some of the explorations I had fun playing with.
Pale Blue Dot
If you haven't read this before, take a minute, please.
You're welcome ;)
Lil' Ogers
Or lil' bastards.
Styleframe graveyard
Another project about devices and money.
The last three times I played, I got injured twice
Both by myself.
Use bandages ;)

I know this is amazing
So I put three.
Gluten free vegan cheese burger
A subconscious homage to Jon Burgerman.
A poster and a postcard
So cute together.
Oh... yeah
From the recycle bin
Unused styleframe for Solo.
An ode to digital love.
El digestivo
A quick ping pong match after lunch.
Oh I remember theese
Back in the days when I wasn't allergic to gluten and dairy.
Poncho - Carnaval
Una tapa que no fue para un disco que ya fue.
I came up with this character, what do you think?
Have you ever played with these?
Have you ever played?
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