I burry old stuff here too so watch out for the corpses!
Figure studies
Ask for prints! And also how I'm doing maybe.
Internet mockup until the print owners start sending me pictures of the framed ones XD
Hey buddy!
-I'm burried now x_x
Shape studies
Well, I didn't really study.
Psycho Piano Man
Check my reel from 2017.
Wood veins
On wood paste.
In my free times go out looking for other planets because I can’t find any online intergalactic real-estate.
Vivero Mario
This is my homage to my favourite plants shop in Buenos Aires.
Later, my friends at Six N. Five went crazy on these, leading to a beautiful creative snowball that ended up here.
Omen & Debris
A collection of lines and dots without an apparent foundation. 
This series was part of the exhibition at Club de Amigos Costa Rica (2016).
Bookbinding workshop.
Some animal studies
Never trust a cat.
Styleframe graveyard
De qué cuadro sos?
Not everything needs to make sense
Here's a proof.
Visuals for TMDG 2015
I did the visuals for Djs Pareja’s set at Trimarchi 2015
I didn’t want to design or animate so I started playing with a camera, lights, reflections and refractions. 
Here’s a short edit with some of the clips I generated.
Keep moovin'
These can be harmful.
I had the pleasure of participating on Hernán Paganini's workshop "Viaje en barco".
These are some of the explorations I had fun playing with.
Pale Blue Dot
If you haven't read this before, take a minute, please.
You're welcome ;)
Lil' Ogers
Or lil' bastards.
Styleframe graveyard
Another project about devices and money.
The last three times I played, I got injured twice
Both by myself.
Use bandages ;)

I know this is amazing
So I put three.
Gluten free vegan cheese burger
A subconscious homage to Jon Burgerman.
A poster and a postcard
So cute together.
Oh... yeah
From the recycle bin
Unused styleframe for Solo.
An ode to digital love.
El digestivo
A quick ping pong match after lunch.
Oh I remember theese
Back in the days when I wasn't allergic to gluten and dairy.
Poncho - Carnaval
Una tapa que no fue para un disco que ya fue.
I came up with this character, what do you think?
Have you ever played with these?
Have you ever played?
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